I am a composer, artist, and designer currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri.

I attended the University of Missouri to study art history and Russian.  In 2012, I moved to St. Petersburg, Russia to further my studies in music and studio art at the the Imperial Academy of Arts and the Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. My education gave me the foundation for my broad curiosity--it demanded fearless experimentation across media areas and language barriers, and confidence in expressing my voice and vision.  

Since leaving academia in 2013, I have spent the majority of my time creating small works on paper--mostly collages and paintings.  I perform music frequently with Louis Wall in our avant-jazz outfit Marble//Wall Duo, and have recently enjoyed exploring my work as a solo performer.  I have played at a wide array of venues in the Saint Louis area, including the Kranzberg Arts Center, The Luminary, and KDHX. 

Outside of fine arts, I work as a user experience designer for a small consultancy.  Merging graphic design, front-end web development, user experience and user interface design, my work allows me to utilize design thinking as a creative force for accessibility and innovation.  


All photos on this site courtesy of Virginia Harold.